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Damien Sandras
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De: Benjamin Kowarsch <[hidden email]>
À: Damien Sandras <[hidden email]>
Cc: Will MacDonald <[hidden email]>
Objet: We have added Zeroconf to Asterisk
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 17:31:50 +0900

Hi Damien,

since Gnomemeeting supports Zeroconf already, I thought it might be  
of interest to you that we have added Zeroconf support to Asterisk.  
So, far we are only advertising SIP and IAX as well as remote  
management and remote dial services, but it's very easy to add H323.

The only reason we haven't done this yet is that the DNS-SD Service  
Type description for H323 is somewhat meager in our view. There are  
no TXT records defined for it. This is probably OK in a peer-to-peer  
set up, but since Asterisk is an IP-PBX which offers a large variety  
of services the true benefit lies in the ability to publish  
information about what is on offer using the TXT records.

We have done that for SIP and IAX already and many of the SIP user  
agent projects really like that and are keen to add client support.  
So, the question is this: Would you be interested in working  
together, also involving Bill MacDonald who is listed as the contact  
for the H323 DNS-SD Service Type definition, in adding some  
meaningful TXT keys to the H323 definition and then add that to  
Gnomemeeting and our Zeroconf resource module for Asterisk?

More info on our project is at 

kind regards

Benjamin Kowarsch
Email: [hidden email]
Tel: sip:[hidden email] -- where the Macintosh Asterisk Community  

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